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Other trademarks and images belongs to their respected owners.
Ragnarok Online and all related contents are all property of Gravity.

OriginRo is a Classic, Old School, ORIGINAL Ragnarok Online Server, right up to Rebirth.
The Server is at episode 6.4 According to iRo, episode 9.0 according to kRo- Rebirth.

OriginRo Server Features:

1. Rates 3/3/2.
2. Episode 6.4 According iRo, Episode 9.0 According kRo - Yuno, Amatsu, Gonryun, Umbala, Niflheim, Louyang, Ayothoya & Rebirth.
kRo Episode list
3. Rebirth to advanced job.
4. War of Emperium - All cities working. (at first 1 castle at Prontera only)
5. Old Mob Spawns.
6. Old Mvps - No new skills, 3 Hours Spawn.
7. Classic Ragnarok Skin!
8. PVP Arena - One Arena for Everyone. (Can be entered from every city).
9. Custom Dungen - The Forbidden Realm - Gefenia.
10. Hourly Rewards - Can be used to purchase HP\SP Potions.
11. Voting System - can be used to purchase Field Manual & Bubble Gum.
12. Stylist - 77 Different palletes (original Stylist location)

OriginRo Rules:
1. No Bots allowed.
2. No Ksing (Kill Steal) allowed.
3. No Scams will be tolerated.
4. Chats and Stores at prontera allowed only on the sidewalks.
5. All bugs should be reported immediately to our GM staff.
6. Bugs exploit will not be tolerated.

Breaking the rules can lead to Account Suspension or Permanent Ban. Please report to our Staff if you encounter players who's breaking the rules.

You can find useful information on iRO wiki classic
Link: http://irowiki.org/classic/Main_Page
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